Peninsula Medical Foundation (PMF) is a charity that supports the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth University and its medical partners in the NHS, by raising money for excellent research and student support.  Their work has a major impact on the scope and standard of healthcare in Plymouth and Southwest Peninsula. Read More

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Plymouth, at the centre of the Southwest Peninsula, is fortunate to have a University with its own Medical School.  The Faculty of Health trains practically the full range of health workers.  Derriford Hospital, part of University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, has a comprehensive service with the full range of medical and surgical specialties.  The close collaboration of the City, University and Hospitals provides unique opportunities to improve healthcare, undertake excellent research, and train health professionals to look after the local population and across the Peninsula.

Importance of excellent Research

Medical Research looks into how and why diseases develop, what are the best treatment and are the best treatments being used.  The research carried in Plymouth and the Peninsula asks questions related to the health of its people or to diseases that are seen in our community, but with global significance.  The stable population in the Peninsula is an excellent place to test new treatments and Plymouth has a high recruitment to clinical trials, run by the Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit.  Our areas of strength are Neuodegenerative disease, cancer, Infection & Immunity.

Undertaking research helps doctors and scientist keep up to date.  They introduce new treatments earlier, which benefits patients in Plymouth and the Peninsula.  It also attracts the best candidates to come and work in Plymouth.  

See the research teams working in Plymouth here.

Medical research does cost money

Basic research looks at the changes in cells – both in the genes and in the proteins that control the cell, how the cells react with each other and how drugs affect the process.  This involves expensive machines which can see changes at a molecular and cellular level and the reagents to undertake the experiments.  And of course, the scientists to undertake the work.  Applied research requires people who can find the data, analyse it statistically to see whether changes are genuine or co-incidental.  Although many of the teams receive large national grants for their work, this is a competitive process and preliminary results are much more likely to bring success.  This needs local funding, which can also support PhD studentships.

Supporting Medical Students

Many of the Peninsula Medical School (PMS) graduates work in the South West and some are now consultants in local hospitals. The undergraduate medical course is 5-6 years in length which can be a big financial burden.

The PMS is doing much to widen access to the medical course and providing help to students can enable them to complete the course when unexpected circumstances arise. View Student Support page.

There’s lots to do and we would like your help.

Your support for the future

The Peninsula Medical School is fantastic, providing support for the health services of Devon and Cornwall now, and preparing to conquer new peaks of achievement through their exceptional research in the future.

They really do deserve your support, through the Peninsula Medical Foundation, for their work; we all may benefit from it in years to come.

Colonel Edward Bolitho OBE,
Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall

In conversation with…

Denis Wilkins, chair of the Peninsula Medical Foundation (PMF), shares his enlightening conversations with two of the University’s inspiring researchers.

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In 2018, Denis cycled the length of the UK, from Land’s End to John O’Groats across 12 days, to raise money for the life-saving study undertaken at the University of Plymouth.

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