Parkinson’s Home-Based Care Appeal

We would like our supporters and donors to take a bow! Many of you supported the Foundation’s Parkinson’s Home-Based Care (HBCP) appeal, which has reached its target of £46,000. It has taken just over eighteen months and is a terrific achievement.  Well done everyone who stepped up to the plate and thank you on behalf of both scientists and patients.

So what has our sponsored scientist been up to? During the past two years Katie Bounsall, the scientist whom we are supporting for a third year of research and her PhD, has worked unstintingly, delivering her work on time and to a high standard. Indeed, the results of her analyses contributed materially to the paper recently published by Professor Carroll’s group amid great acclaim by patients and scientists alike.

It demonstrates the huge potential of this programme to relieve the suffering and disability inflicted on patients and families by this miserable condition.

When we undertook the appeal, £46,000 would have covered all the costs, including salary and consumables. Unfortunately, inflation has eaten into the costs of her work so we organised two more fundraising events to top up the fund to £50,000 by June this year. Will you help us reach the target?

How we can help you?

Contact us at the address below or send us an email and we will do our best to help you with your fundraising or donations.

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